The Fascinating Aspects of True Crime Series

With endless stories of murder and mystery, true crime is undoubtedly a fascinating genre. By watching true crime series, you can explore these stories in depth. They often span many episodes or even have entire seasons. You can find such series on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Some of the traditional television networks also air these series.

What makes true crime series so interesting?

There are several aspects of true crime series that can keep you hooked. One of them is their ability to delve into the details of a case. True crime series often take a journalistic approach. They present the facts and evidences in a clear and objective manner. This allows you to form your own opinion about the case and the people involved in them. You’re not swayed by the popular media coverage and biased reporting.

Another excellent feature of true crime series is their ability to explore the human side of crime. Many of them go beyond the simple retelling of events. They try to understand the motivations, emotions, and minds of the people involved in such cases. This can make for a compelling viewing experience for you. You become a lot more invested in the lives and struggles of the victims, suspects, and investigators.

These shows also offer a unique insight into the criminal justice system. Many series follow the investigation and trial of a case. They give you some interesting insights into the inner workings of the legal system. This can be both educating and entertaining. You get to learn about the complex processes and procedures that are involved in bringing a criminal to justice.


Along with a lot of praises, true crime series are also subject to criticisms. Some people argue that such series exploit tragedy for entertainment. They say that these series sensationalize and glorify violent crimes. Of course, it’s true that certain true crime series can be quite sensational.

However, this is not true of this genre as a whole. There are several true crime series that take a respectful and informative approach. They focus more on the facts of the case rather than sensationalizing the details.

Some of the popular true crime series

In recent times, Making a Murderer gained a lot of attention and became extremely popular. This series follows the case of Steven Avery, who was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder. It explores the evidence presented at Avery’s trial and raises questions about the reliability of the prosecution’s case.

The series also raises broader issues about the criminal justice system. Among them is the role of the media in shaping public opinion. Making a Murderer also talks about several other issues. They include the social and economic factors that can influence a person’s likelihood of being convicted of a crime.

Another popular true crime series is HBO’s The Jinx. It showcases the case of Robert Durst, a real estate heir who was suspected of several murders. The series explores the evidence presented against Durst. It also includes several interviews with Durst himself.

The series gained public attention when Durst was arrested shortly before the final episode was aired. This led to the speculation that the series may have played a role in his arrest.

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